Sunday, 17 May 2015

Potokomanawa plan

  • Welcome to Poutokumanawa the most amazing class EVER

  • Go to Poutokumanawa for all the fun and the amazing teacher.

  • Poutokumanawa is a fantastic room have everything even have a fridge and a toastie maker .

  • If you want to come ask your mum.

  • Potukomanowa is the heart of the Marae and that means that we are the Heart of russell st school.

  • We play Maori games they are really fun.

  • If you come you will take one step and say wow I won't my children to be in this class.

  • If you want your child to be in this class come to 25 Russell street school at New Zealand.

  • Call now 

  • if you want you child to be in this call now at 063586671

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